5 Emerging Remote Work Opportunities That Might Surprise You

These days, remote work opportunities are more popular than ever. With a boom in the technology that supports it, many companies are becoming more comfortable with remote work. Add a global pandemic into the mix and remote work has become necessary in thousands of industries.

But while the pandemic won’t last forever, remote work seems here to stay. Different from your basic data entry or medical coding work that was always offered on a flex or freelance basis, following are some industries where your special skills can push advancement in the field right from your home office.

Virtual Nurse

Telemedicine has been used for years to reach people with limited access to clinics, share files and test results between medical practices, and provide care to those with contagious diseases. But nursing has always been considered a hands-on occupation.

That’s all changing, with online nursing as a career projected to jump 12.1 percent in the coming decade. Nurses are now able to use web cams, microphones, and secure patient communication platforms to check in with those under their care.

Virtual nursing is ideal for reaching patients to learn how they are doing with the doctor’s orders, see if they need support, and triage their condition. In a time when hospitals are overrun with ill patients, this can help make sure that everyone gets the care they need without heading for the hospital if it’s not necessary.

Virtual Operations Manager

An operations manager is the person who oversees the logistics of everything that happens in an office, from scheduling to shipping. But as more offices decentralize and have employees working all over the globe, the job of operations manager is only becoming more vital.

Now advancing technology makes it possible to keep track of everyone and everything virtually. You don’t need to physically see an employee to know where they are, review their work, and pass it on as necessary. KPIs, budgets, and billing are seamlessly integrated.

The projected growth of this remote job opportunity is relatively modest at 6.3 percent, but recent changes forced by the coronavirus may change that as more companies try it and find it successful.

Applications Software Developers

Computer technology is the driving force behind the remote work boom, so jobs that fuel advances in digital applications are also in high demand. In fact, people interested in becoming an applications software developer will be glad to hear that the demand for professionals in this niche is expected to grow 25.6 percent in the next ten years.

Professionals in this position are typically tasked with building applications that perform a specific function within a larger program. This often involves work with data algorithms, machine learning, and virtual reality. Much of it is behind the scenes, i.e., not related to the user interface. But without the efforts of applications software developers, we would not enjoy the incredible range of digital functionality that we do.

Accountants, Finance Managers & Finance Coaches

It used to be that only people with a considerable amount of money engaged financial professionals to help them manage it. But that’s changing as regular folks seek advice to make the most of the money they do have. Areas of particular interest include careful budgeting and smart investing for college, retirement, and lifelong dreams. Of course, the tangle of ever-changing tax laws also makes accurate tax preparation a sought-after service.

Working in a customer-facing financial position may require face-to-face interaction with your customers, but you needn’t do it in an office. In fact, it’s easier to visit your clients where they are, whether that’s at home with individuals or in another business office. The bulk of the actual number crunching, however, can be done online in your home office.

The potential for growth in this industry is incredible, at a projected 16 percent over the next decade. To succeed in an account, finance coach, or finance manager role, it’s important to get your CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certificate.

Market Research Analyst

Let’s face it: as consumers, we have generated thousands of data points over our lives. If you are interested in using this data as a market research analyst to make predictions about short and long term buying habits of consumers, the good news is that the information is already online and available for use in a remote position.

Good candidates for a market research analyst position are obsessed with numbers and numerical data. People in this career are familiar with market trends, but let the numbers do the talking when it comes to their predictions.

By 2030, market research analyst positions are expected to have grown by 20.4 percent.

If you already work in one of these roles and are interested in taking your job remote, be prepared with a strong case to present to your boss. It helps to demonstrate that you are comfortable with the digital platforms that support the work. However, if you are looking for a brand new job in one of these areas, you may want to take on a few freelance positions first to round out your resume. This way, employers can see that you are not only successful in the industry, but also a reliable performer in a remote position.