How to Find a Part Time Job in Your City

Part time jobs are often thought of as consolation prizes for people who are struggling to get a full time position. They are used to tide over a person while they pursue their real goal through school or an ongoing job search. Unfortunately for workers, companies may also use several part time jobs to replace a full time position that would require them to pay for benefits.

However, a part time job may fill your specific need and be exactly what you’re looking for. A job with limited hours can be perfect for people who are primary caregivers, who need a little extra money, or who already work another part time job.

So how do you go about getting one? Following are some tips to help you find a part time job that’s exactly what you wanted, no mere consolation prize.

Customize Your Resume & Cover Letter

This advice goes for any job seeker – you must customize your resume to appeal to the targeted employer. If you have a few years of work history under your belt, consider which of those positions best supports your current goal and only list those. You can also include relevant skills under a separate heading, no matter what job they came from.

It also helps to show that you’ve held part time jobs before. Even if you haven’t, make a case in your cover letter for why you are seeking part time work at this time. The key is to tell a story in your application materials that shows the hiring manager that you have both expertise and passion for the job.

Consider the Employer’s Needs

One of the struggles for employers when it comes to part time jobs is that the turnover rate is very high. Many employees do use part time positions as a temporary placeholder for something better. That’s okay and completely understandable from the worker’s perspective, but does pose a challenge for employers.

If you are intentionally looking for part time work, you have a leg up when you consider the employer’s needs. Assure them that you plan to stay for the long haul.

Explain how hiring you is a mutually beneficial decision. And any time you can demonstrate your understanding of how the business works and how it relies upon part time workers, you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Talk to Everyone

Networking is just as important in your search for part time work as it is full time work. Be sure to share on social media that you’re looking for a particular kind of job. Chat with people in your industry of interest to see if they have any leads. If you are hoping to get hired by a specific company, reach out to the hiring department to inquire about any part time opportunities. Heck, you can even tell your dentist when you’re there for a checkup.

The wider the net you cast, the better your chances of catching something great. Word can travel exponentially throughout your network and beyond, reaching a friend of a friend who might have something for you.

Target Specific Industries

Certain industries make greater use of part time employees than others, so it helps to narrow your search to those areas. Part time work abounds in positions that involve retail, delivery, call center, hospitality, healthcare, or education.

It’s important to be realistic about your options, as you’ll waste your time looking for a part time CEO position. But, if all of your education and experience points you to a particular role or industry that is not on this list, take some time to research all of the players in that niche. You might learn something that makes the case for how a part time employee would augment and support their current efforts.

Filter Your Searches

Your time is precious, so the last thing you want is to spend hours upon hours scouring classified listings and job posting sites. By now you should know exactly what you’re looking for, so make use of the filters available to show only part time work that meets your criteria for location, industry, and role.

Too much information is overwhelming and may lead you to feel that there are no relevant jobs available, when really, they are just hard to pick out of a long list.

The old school way of filtering searches is to walk your neighborhood on foot to spot help wanted signs and buy local newspapers for the classifieds.

Part time jobs are generally pretty plentiful, and you have a leg up on the competition if it’s what you really want. Best of luck on your search!