Here’s Why the Job Market in Dubai is So Hot

Dubai is a vibrant city with a thriving international job market. A place where technological advancements cozy up to Old World history, Dubai attracts job seekers from all over the world in industries as diverse as tourism and construction.

Obviously, Dubai has not been spared from the economic repercussions of current events, especially in the tourism sector. However, as the site of the 2020 World Expo (now pushed back to 2021), Dubai’s job market is still considered healthy.

Here are a just few reasons why Dubai will be a great place to find a job in the coming months.

Multi-lingual & Multi-national

The official language in Dubai is Arabic, but English is used far more often in business settings. Dubai has also attracted expats from all over the world, including South Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

In a time when borders are being closed and immigration limited severely, Dubai is already comfortable with its multi-national labor force and will be well positioned to resume hiring expats when it’s safe to do so.

Fair Compensation & Low Taxation

Ranked in the top 10 most attractive countries for international workers, Dubai features low overall taxation and no income tax, as well as better salaries and more diverse job prospects than in other countries.

It’s also a great place for expats to start a business, coming in at #2 behind Singapore in a recent survey by the global banking institution HSBC. Beyond a favorable tax structure, the UAE has a strong entrepreneurial environment that encourages and invests in innovation.

Fiscal Responsibility

The last time the global economy was impacted by recession was in 2008, and Dubai felt the effects like other countries. However, shrewd fiscal policy insulated the emirate from a devastating collapse, and confidence in the economy rebounded quickly.

The government stepped in to increase spending and liquidity in the banking sector, plus offered low interest loans. By 2010, international creditors were soothed by the official restructuring of Dubai’s debt.

The impact of current events will surely challenge the government again. The economy’s reliance on oil is a problem as per-barrel prices have dipped into the negative due to plummeting demand. Yet experience shows that the government will meet these challenges head-on.

Human Capital is Valued

The largest growth area in Dubai relates to technology, but it’s also a place where human effort is appreciated and rewarded. When surveyed on the most important employee skills, Dubai companies reported being a team player and cooperativeness at the top. Other important qualifications include solid communication in English and Arabic, the ability to work under pressure, and good leadership skills.

So while though there are requirements for education and experience to meet, your personal qualities carry significant weight in the hiring process. Expats can even get low-skilled jobs like housekeeper and gas station attendant as a stop-gap while receiving the necessary education for a higher position.

World Expo 2021

Though the expo was pushed back by an entire year, it still represents a massive opportunity for regrowth. Expected to attract 25 million visitors over six months, the event will demand a massive labor force before, during, and afterwards.

In fact, early estimates suggest that the Expo will support the equivalent of 49,700 full-time jobs a year, through a seven-year preparation period, the six months of the event, and then a ten-year legacy period.

Focused on sustainability, opportunity, and mobility in terms of building a better world, the expo will feature innovations from all over the globe. Hundreds of attractions, food vendors, and exciting events will keep visitors entertained day and night.

Slated to run from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Expo management is not currently hiring. However, you can still submit your CV for consideration at a later date.

The global economy may experience turmoil that can make jobs scarce from time to time. But Dubai is uniquely prepared to bounce back quickly. An already diverse workforce and the upcoming Expo, combined with thoughtful efforts from government and banking sectors, should propel Dubai to the top of any expat job-seeker’s list. It’s a great time to get in line for your dream job in Dubai.